Weight Loss «

Weight Loss

Weight ControlHow to properly balance your nutrition? How to support metabolism? How to overcome craving for sweets and pastry? How many more questions will you ask yourself again and again in front of the mirror, taking yet another final decision to lose weight?

It is written a lot about beautiful and slender body, and said even more about healthy and efficient diets. We will not go that way and give advice on how to look slimmer. Thanks to its revolutionary products, Vision company gives you a chance to see the result for yourself: become slender and fit, feel lightness and joy of being young and learn to love your body.

KG-Off Fat AbsorberKG-Off Fat Absorber

Biologically active food supplement

Solves the problem of excess fat. Promotes weight loss and body shaping. Acts as a “fat absorbent”: binds fats from food and prevents their assimilation inside the body. Activates synthesis of energy from existing fat deposits. Cleans toxins and heavy metals. It normalizes the metabolism.


Weight reduction, control of appetiteSupreFiber

Biologically active food supplement

Helps you to refrain from excesses in food. Suppressant reduces appetite, promotes suppressing of hunger, which allows to eat less and consequently facilitates weight loss. Stabilize the weight. Improves overall health.



Biologically active food supplement

Addresses the main cause of gaining weight: normalizes metabolism at the cellular level, accelerating it, which contributes to fast calorie burning. Facilitates gradual absorption of carbohydrates and fats into blood and consequently regulates appetite. Helps reduce body weight. Normalizes the function of the endocrine system.
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Multi Protein cocktails PAPARAZZI NEW

Multi Protein cocktails Paparazzi are excellent for morning and evening receptions, in between meals to maintain protein balance, before sports training, and can also replace one full meal. The formula has a very high biological value, it is respected amino acid balance. 

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Weight Control

Overweight — This is a worldwide threat!

Weight Control

According to research by the United Nations health:

WHO projects that by 2015 about 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million — suffer from obesity. Man of the XXI century is different from its predecessors, above all, a way of life.

Weight Loss


  • unbalanced diet,
  • unhealthy lifestyle,
  • «Sedentary» work,
  • problems of metabolism,
  • pathology of the endocrine system and other diseases.
It’s no secret that most traditional methods of losing weight the body gets a huge dose of stress. Kilograms collected over many years, can not disappear in an instant. We must endure for months or for a long time, giving up much, or sharply restrict your diet.
But the dramatic weight loss entails the risk of seriously undermining their own strength. There may be problems with weakened immune systems, will be felt «planted» kidney, «Schall» heart and other nice little side-effects of many trendy diets.

Today the problem is! Company Vision International People Group is a revolutionary program of the correction weight, lose weight and keep allowing your weight in the right part, without the nervous and physical overload.

KG-Off-line of the XXI century for the correction of weight without stress  and loss for your health!

It is promoted by two components of the complex -KG-Off:

  • Fat Absorber — Blocking of fat and
  • Hunger Suppressant — Appetite control.

Each of them is effective alone, but together they are — the best complete solution for those who need to control your weight. In using them with their daily diet, you do not give your body to store excess fat and thus naturally limiting the need for food.

Both supplements the complex KG-Off helps to get rid of excess body fat, adjust their appearance for the better and for a long time to maintain a slim figure without the stress and loss of health. Product line KG-Off, heals the body, helping to adjust the weight without the stress and loss of health.

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