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Food Supplement Navigator

Construction set of health

Direction of action Vision Food Supplement set
Classic Hit Direct Hit
Nervous system


  • Hiper 
  • Mistik 
  • Passilat 
Respiratory system
Cardiovascular system
Hematopoietic system
Immune system
Digestive system  Cupers Neo


Endocrine system/
Urogenital system
Musculoskeletal system
Body Purification
Weight correction
Beauty and appearance




Intellectual functioning


Physical activity
Male health
Female health


Child health

Vision International People Group is pleased to offer you a wide range of unique products for your health and longevity. For your convenience we have created a special Navigator, that will help you from day one to navigate easily through the whole range of Vision food supplements and select the ones that are best suited for you. The Navigator was created through a joint effort of the Company’s leading specialists, who took into consideration the experience of Vision’s clients over the many years of the company’s history, the results of official clinical trials, as well as recommendations given by leading experts who are most competent in their respective fields of knowledge. Having studied the compatibility and reciprocal influences of food supplements, they identified reliable formulas for strong health, active longevity, and excellent well-being. And what is most important, these ready-to-use formulas, created with big effort and true love, can now be used by any person — from accomplished and dedicated healthy lifestyle ‘professionals’ to absolute beginners who are just about to start their journey into the wonderful world of Health and Longevity.

How to Use Vision Food Supplement Navigator 

Design of the Navigator is very simple. In the first (left) column of the Navigator, there is a list of major health programs that generally correspond to the conventional medical classifications of human body’s systems and organs. Put together, these products constitute a perfectly matched combination of ultimate efficiency. Each complex starts with products of the Classic Hit line. These products are Vision’s “business card”. They serve as a stable and reliable foundation, on which you can build your own Temple of Health. Products that follow belong to the so called Direct Hit line. These are specialized products with more targeted and specialized effects. Complexes offered by the Navigator are convenient and unique because they are comprehensive and flexible at the same time. You can start taking a complete set of products, which guarantees you the best and the quickest health improvements. And as soon as you reach a deeper understanding of how Vision products work, you are free to start creatively modifying the composition of any complex, thereby focusing on your favorite products or alternating courses of certain products in a complex. However, we recommend that you continuously take all the  products of the Classic Hit line that constitute a complex, and at least two products from the Direct Hit line in addition to that.

The column “Children’s Health” deserves a special remark. Here, the Classic Hit line is represented by only one product that is “Junior Neo”. Further products in this complex are specialized products of the Direct Hit line. Nevertheless, the principle of combining these products remains the same. And we are sure that all parents who really care about their kids will be able to compose a comprehensive complex of all the elements required for the proper development of their child. These products can be taken in any combination, in turns or together, depending on the child’s age, individual problems, time of year, study load, and other circumstances.

Why Same Products Appear in Multiple Columns

As we know, deficit of the same substances can produce harmful effects on various organs and systems. For example, anti-oxidants are products of a broad spectrum of use, and that is why they are recommended for various conditions, such as immune system disorders, cardiovascular problems or premature aging. Thus, a single product may work for various purposes. For this reason, fundamental products of the Classic Hit line may appear in ten or more health programs, while Direct Hit products, having a more focused “specialization”, are part of a smaller number of complexes proposed by the Navigator.

How Strict Are the Navigator’s Recommendations and to Which Extent the Suggested Product Sets Can Be Modified

Unique properties of Vision products make the Navigator both integral and flexible at the same time. Let us clarify this idea by an example. A car navigator suggests the shortest way to a destination but still allows the driver to choose alternative routes. In a similar way, Vision Food Supplement Navigator proposes reliable and proven routes towards health. But each of these routes is just one of many possible options. And an experienced “driver”, if needed, can search for a detour, make a stop, or otherwise deviate from the main route for a secondary destination. Thus, every consumer of Vision products, if it is desired or required, can modify product combinations, slightly expanding or narrowing a set, creating an ad hoc complex. For example, a complex can be slightly narrowed in case of an individual intolerance to an ingredient in one of the products (which, however, is highly unlikely). As an opposite example, expanding a complex can be related to a consumer’s desire to enhance a particular desired effect.

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