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Online Store Europe

The official online store of the company FREEDOM GROUP (Vision) works through the software SESSIA (web version, mobile version). Worldwide shipping. In order to make a purchase of Vision goods, you must register with Sessia. After registration, you can make retail purchases, as well as wholesale purchases with a discount of up to 40%.

And also you can independently choose your discount from 20% to 40%, which will depend on the volume of your wholesale purchase. The price of the item in your online Sessia order will automatically change, depending on the quantity. The more you buy, the cheaper the product is.

  • 40% discount is the most advantageous offer, wholesale purchase is equivalent to 190 CV and more;
  • 30% discount — wholesale purchase is equivalent to CV 95;
  • 20% discount — the minimum wholesale purchase is the equivalent of 47.5 CV (for example 1-4 jars, depending on the price of the product);
  • goods less than 47.5 CV you can buy at the retail price.


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