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Черновик Testing of the body


Testing of the body VIP-Rofes


Testing of the body

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Health Check with VIP-Rofes

Hardware-software complex VIP-Rofes provides the opportunity to test the functional state of all the organs and systems of the human body. 

Daily checks of the vital functions state will help you track the dynamics of the processes occurring in the body, assess the indices of your emotional and physical state, estimate the level of fatigue and the degree of its influence on the body tone.  VIP-Rofas reveals problems, before the onset of symptoms!

Hardware-software complex VIP-Rofes is safe and easy to use. You need to just fix it on your wrist.

VIP-Rofes — Health Thermometer!
Health Check with VIP-Rofes
VIP-Rofes  — is:

  • Innovative methods
  • Novelty
  • Testing of 3 minutes
  • Test one point on hand
  • 17 organs and systems
  • For the whole family
  • Has no analogues


  • 20 years of research
  • 3 million rapid tests
  • Joint development of engineers, doctors, scientists

Testing of the body - VIP-Rofes

 Operating principle

VIP-Rofes operates on the principle of electropuncture. The device stimulates the biologically active point P-7 on the inner side of the wrist of the left hand, sending impulses through it to all the organs. Then VIP-Rofes captures the response impulses coming from the organs and compares them with the indices of a healthy person.

Operating procedures

Connect VIP-Rofes to a tablet or PC. All the necessary software and user manual are included. Clear and understandable description enables you to quickly understand the operating principle of the device and start testing. The result will be ready within three minutes.

VIP-Rofes  — Diagnosis organism condition at home!

Assessed indices

  • Testing of the general state of the body — all the organs and systems respond to an impulse.
  • Analysis of results and conclusion – within 3 minutes.
  • Assessment of the psycho-emotional state.
  • Assessment of negative effects of bad habits on the body.
  • Assessment of negative effects of stress and inadequate working conditions.
  • Identification of external factors that have negative effects on the body.
  • Identification of problems before they have external symptoms.
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of taking BAFSs, drugs and medicines.


The best test of health for you!

17 organs and body systems:

  • Immune system
  • Heart and blood vessels
  • Cervical spine
  • Thoracic spine
  • Lumbar spine
  • Lungs
  • Bronchi
  • Liver
  • Belly
  • Large intestine
  • Pancreas
  • Thyroid gland
  • Adrenal glands
  • Kidneys
  • Urinary bladder
  • Uterus
  • Prostate gland

Psychoemotional states:

  • Stress
  • Neuroses
  • Irritability

Why buy VIP-Rofes Vision:

  • Quickly The test time is up to 3 minutes. The frequency of testing one person — no more than 1 time in 20 minutes.
  • Simply Testing does not require special education.
  • Important Monitor your health, nutrition, physical activity and the impact of harmful factors. It is possible to identify health problems at an early stage.
  • For the whole family Testing the body for 7 users. The results of all measurements are saved in the user’s personal profile. Profiles can be deleted if they are no longer needed. Then you can test new users   (For this it is necessary to go into an unnecessary profile, and then into the editing mode).

Vip-Rofes (3)Business opportunities with VIP-Rofes

  • Testing of groups of people, analysis, and fast results.
  • Testing at meetings with potential clients .
  • Monitoring of the effectiveness of BAFSs, drugs and medicines, which testees take.
  • A clear scientific evidence of positive changes in the body in half an hour is an unquestionable argument in favor of BAFSs helping in the body’s resources recovery.

VIP-Rofes is now more functional than ever!

VIP-Rofes health testing device is getting a major software update (Vip-Rofes to improve its efficiency and performance.

The device operating program is now compatible with Windows 10 systems and is available in 9 new languages: English, German, Spanish, Czech, Vietnamese, Polish, Bulgarian, Serbian, and Latvian.

In addition to various new functions, updated VIP-Rofes program also comes with VISION product recommendations that are extremely helpful working with customers and might increase your sale results.


  • Changed application operation algorithm.
  • The application operates with the common VISION product database.
  • Patched error regarding copying and saving of remote user data from certain tablets.
  • Changed PDF table generation algorithm. Now the PDF table has a set size and this determines that the common functional status mark no longer goes outside of the table.
  • Correct children’s marks are displayed (letters do not include marks, previously it was assigned a 0 value in a red background). In contrast, it used to be a white square (previously, it displayed a 0 value).
  • Patched error regarding letter sending check-box for “Send automatically” and for “Send locally”. If you press to cross out, they works perfectly, but if you press them again, the checkboxes do not appear in both lines and letters are sent via HTML. Now, if you press the marked checkbox again, it disappears in that line and appears in the other sending protocol.
  • When registering a new user, a field for “mass mailing” appeared. A password and e-mail for restoring one’s password can only be set in the user settings.
  • Logo in the left toolbar changed.
  • A VISION heading is added to outgoing mail.
  • Application icon changed.

Try new VIP-Rofes now!

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