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Sessia VisionIn order to get a discount of 20% to 40% on the wholesale purchase of Project V (Vision), you need to register with SESSIA. (You will receive a personal ID number).

Accumulating Bonuses! New Features! Different Privileges! Promotions! Gifts!


  • Purchase of Project V (Vision) products: retail price or wholesale price (1 or more pieces)
  • Purchase of Project V (Vision) products at a discount of 20% to 40%
  • Participating in the Loyalty Program for Project V (Vision) customers, bonuses for every order and gifts from the company
  • Opportunity to get bonuses for personal recommendations and to use them to pay for your following orders
  • Be first to get the information about the launch of new products, promotions, and discounts
  • Access to many features in the software Sessia 
  • Personal Consultant and assistant the Session will always be in touch with you. 
For registration in Sessia  — ID Garant (Sponsor): 044-288318

PRIVELEGE PREMIUM CARD VISIONAfter registering SESSIA you can choose your own discount from 20% to 50%. The amount of discount depends on the volume of your wholesale purchase. The price of the product will automatically change in your order Sessia — the more you buy, the cheaper the goods cost.

REGISTRATION SESSIA offers the opportunity to purchase products with a 40% discount starting with the first order. The discount rate depends on the amount of products purchased over one calendar month. The amount of products is shown as CV. CV is a fixed number of points assigned to each Vision product.  

  • An order amount of 47.50–94.99 CV will grant a discount of up to 20%
  • An order amount of 95.00–189.99 CV will grant a discount of up to 30%
  • An order amount of 190 CV or more will grant a discount of up to 40% — most favorable offer

SESSIA customers may increase the size of their order CV for a month and move up to the next discount level. During the transition to the next discount level, a special Bonus Account is activated for SESSIA customers.

The final maximum discount is determined based on the total amount of CV of all orders placed in a single calendar month. If, during this month, there were purchases with lower discounts, the cost difference (return bonus) will be transferred into the SESSIA customer’s Bonus Account.

The balance of the Bonus Account can be checked at the Sissia online store Project V (Vision).

The funds in the Bonus Account can be used partially or completely to cover the following months, i.e. the payment for the next purchase can be reduced using these bonus points.

Sessia Project V (Vision) Program participants have the right to be the first who receive information about new products, special sales, and company discounts.

Sessia Project V (Vision) Program members receive support from their consultants, who provide them with information about Sessia Project V (Vision) Program.

Sessia Project V (Vision) Program will enable you to not only receive discounts for quality beauty and health products, but to also use these products for free by recommending them to your friends and family. 

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Program includes bonuses of up to 5% of the amount of personal orders over the past month (in terms of CV) on the cumulative Loyalty Program Account. The account is refilled by the end of the month for all orders that were placed during the month.
Sessia customers can check Loyalty Program balance in their private online account while purchasing online shop Sessia Vision.

Sessia clients can use the collected funds to get free gifts from the company by submitting an order for more than 47.5 CV. The unused funds are further saved and added with new bonuses following the results of each month. If there are no purchases providing more than 0 CV made over the course of 6 months, the saved and unused bonuses are removed.

Loyalty Program Account and Bonus Account are automatically opened for every Sessia customer when logging into his Sessia Program.

After purchasing the product in the current month at 47,5 CV and more you will be able to buy products in any number (including 1 jar) with a discount this month.

If you place an order for 475 CV or more, you will receive a special gift—products worth 95 CV or more. C increase in the amount of the order increases the amount of gift products: for every additional 25 CV entire amount of gift products increased by 5 CV.

If your order is for the month of 600 CV and more you will get gift products for the amount of 120 CV and more. For every additional 25 CV entire amount of gift products increased by 5 CV (Discount 50%).

If you did not buy Vision products in Sessia within 10 months, your registration for the Session and your ID number will be canceled.

For registration in Sessia — ID Garant (Sponsor): 044-288318

Be healthy with Project V (Vision)!

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