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Prevention of osteoporosis

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Product for active prevention of osteoporosis. OS (OsteoSanum) ingredients maintain proper balance of calcium and direct it straight into the bone tissues, thus protecting heart and blood vessels from calcium sedimentation. Improves the structure of the bones, increases their mineral density, makes strong teeth, hair and nails.

Protection against osteoporosis

OS (OsteoSanum)  is a unique formula that protects your bones and muscles. Sprains and fractures are not uncommon injuries, but they can be avoided if you regularly take care of your health. The calcium and zinc in OS help to strengthen bone mineral composition, while vitamins D, B and K help keep your muscles toned.

New revolutionary product OS (OsteoSanum) has been developed specifically as a remedy to prevent osteoporosis and Protection against osteoporosis saturate tissues with calcium. Due to carefully selected ingredients OS (OsteoSanum) protects bones from destruction and fractures, and strengthens muscles. OS (OsteoSanum) additionally contains vitamin D3 and recently discovered vitamin K2, as well as Shilajit extract for better and proper assimilation of calcium.

In order to fight osteoporosis the elevated use of calcium is highly advisable. However, upon getting into the body, calcium primarily deposits inside the vessels, which causes serious cardiovascular disorders. For such problems OS (OsteoSanum) appears to be a perfect solution. Not only it contains the ultimate amount of calcium and vitamin D3, traditionally used for prevention of osteoporosis, but also a revolutionary vitamin K2 that directs calcium straight into the bone tissue, preventing its depositing inside the vessels.

OS (OsteoSanum)  improves bone structure, increasing their mineral density. Prevents washing out of calcium from the bones; helps faster knitting of bones after fractures. Precludes deformation of spine and faults in posture, participates in prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Unique composition of natural product OS (OsteoSanum)  creates balance of macro- and microelements in the body, which subsequently strengthens bones, fortifies muscles, improves posture and makes hair and nails healthy and beautiful. 

CALCIUM participates in the formation of tissues of bones, teeth, nails and hair. It plays an important part in transmitting nerve impulses, and influences muscles’ performance, facilitating them to contract and relax. Thanks to calcium, muscles become stronger and act as a frame for bones and spine, simultaneously reducing the risk of fractures and bone deformation. 

VITAMIN K2 regulates the amount of calcium in the body, prevents its penetration into tissues, where it’s not supposed to be present, i.e. directs calcium straight to the bone tissue. It also facilitates formation and restoration of the bone tissue and actively participates in prevention of osteoporosis. VITAMIN K2 protects vessels and heart from calcium sedimentation. 

VITAMIN D3 provides for the ultimate assimilation of calcium. It facilitates normal growth and development of skeleton, prevents osteoporosis, relaxes strained muscles. Helps to stay fit. 

VITAMIN B6 maintains structure of bones and tissues and helps retain calcium in the body. VITAMIN B12 is important for bones formation, improves their density. It also has an impact on muscles’ growth, as it participates in protein metabolism. VITAMIN B9 (folic acid) is just indispensable for proper formation of the fibrous collagen frame, that prevents deformation and crumbliness of bones, helps them stay firm.


  • Reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Improves bone structure and mineral density. Normalizes bone mineral composition.
  • Prevents washing out of calcium from the bones.
  • Decreases the risk deformation of bones and spine.
  • Helps reduce the risk of fractures and other injuries.
  • Helps knitting of bones after fractures.
  • Precludes spinal deformation and faults in posture.
  • Participates in formation of collagen, the most vital protein of the bone tissue.
  • Improves condition of hair, nails and teeth.
  • Strengthens muscular system.
  • Promotes protein metabolism
  • Reduces joint discomfort during exercise



  • Help reduce the loss of bone density in postmenopausal women. Low bone density is a risk factor in osteoporotic fractures.
  • Essential for bone growth and development in children.
  • Contribute to the normalization of muscle function.
  • Essential for maintaining normal bone composition.


  • Helps maintain the normal bone composition, assists in the treatment of osteoporosis.
  • Helps maintain bone strength in the hip area in postmenopausal women.


  • Promotes normal protein metabolism


  • Helps maintain normal bone chemistry.
  • Helps maintain normal testosterone levels in blood.
  • Accelerates the process of epithelialization and protein synthesis.
  • As compounds it is used for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.


  • Helps maintain normal bone composition.
  • Helps maintain normal calcium levels.
  • Supports muscle function.
  • Essential for the growth and development of bones in children.

 Target audience to take OS (OsteoSanum) :

  • People over 50, especially women during menopause.
  • Women with low body weight and delicate constitution.
  • Everybody for prevention of calcium and/or vitamin D3 deficiency.
  • People who take hormonal preparations.
  • Men and women with endocrine diseases.
  • Those who take care of their health and, depending on genetic predisposition, want to postpone or avoid osteoporosis.
  • Those, who experience extensive physical loads.
  • Those, who had or have fractures.
  • Those, who smoke or consume alcohol (even in small amounts).
  • Those, who don’t keep any food regime or abuse diets with rich amounts of cellulose.
  • Those, who want to have strong bones, perfect posture, healthy teeth, nails and hair.


  • Original and exclusive formula with the synergic action of ingredients works in several directions at once: strengthens the structure of bones (prevention of osteoporosis),  supports muscle function and normalizes blood composition, protects the cardiovascular system and promotes regeneration of tissues of skin, nails, hair and joints.
  • Contains revolutionary vitamin K2, which ensures the transport of calcium directly to the bone tissue and prevents it from accumulating in the blood vessels.
  • Suitable for athletes, as it normalizes the assimilation of proteins and the growth of muscle tissue.


Marine minerals from calcareous algae (Lithothamnium sp.)
of which calcium
834 mg
250 mg
Zinc sulphate
of which calcium 
27,47 mg
10 mg
Bamboo exudate
of which silicon 
20 mg
15 mg
Magnesium salts of fatty acids  10 mg
Menaquinone 7
of which vitamin K2 
7 mg
11,25 mkg
of which vitamin B12
3,5 mg
2,8 mkg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride
of which vitamin B6 
2,98 mg
2 mg
of which vitamin D3 
2,5 mg
5 mg
Folic acid
of which vitamin B9 
360 mkg
250 mkg

Recommendations: Recommended as a biologically active food supplement — a source of calcium, zinc and vitamins of groups D, B and K.
Release form: 30 tablets.
Dosage: Adults take 1 tablet 1 time a day during meals with water.
Storage: Store at room temperature (not higher than 25 ° C) in a dry place. Keep away from children.
Manufacturer: «Trading Point Group Elite Pharm», France.

According to the medical statistics every 6th person suffers from the shortage of calcium. Sooner or later it can lead to osteoporosis—a disease that causes thinning of the bone tissue and skeleton deformation. Calcium is in charge of our health and beauty. Shiny hair, strong muscles, good posture, firm nails and thick lashes—all that is secured by calcium. However, even balanced nutrition doesn’t guarantee timely and correct absorption of calcium by the body, as it absorbs only 20% of this vital microelement.

It is not always that specific calcium-containing food supplements are of any essential help. The point is, proper assimilation of this mineral requires special conditions, a sort of “road map”, so to say. Otherwise, calcium will end up in a completely wrong place (on blood vessels’ walls, for instance) and do more harm, than good. Calcium penetrates through cholesterol plaques on the blood vessels’ walls, forming the insoluble compounds. As a result vessels lose elasticity, become fragile, and opening of the vessel reduces, which subsequently means that less oxygen and nutrients get into the body, increasing load on the heart.

Proper absorption of calcium is ensured by vitamins of the group D, vitamin K2 and Shilajit that contain the ultimate amount of micro- and macroelements, indispensable for proper absorption of calcium. However, not every pharmaceutical product can boast of such a rich composition.

New revolutionary product OS (OsteoSanum) has been developed specifically as a remedy to prevent osteoporosis and saturate tissues with calcium. Due to carefully selected ingredients OsteoSanum protects bones from destruction and fractures, and strengthens muscles. OS (OsteoSanum) additionally contains vitamin D3 and recently discovered vitamin K2, as well as Shilajit extract for better and proper assimilation of calcium. Vitamin D3 promotes complete absorption of calcium, boosts mineralization of bone tissues and prevents deformation of bones. Vitamin K2 acts as a regulatory substance and directs calcium precisely to those tissues that suffer from its shortage. Besides, vitamin K2 precludes sedimentation of calcium on vessels’ walls and thus protects heart. Unique composition of natural product OS (OsteoSanum) creates balance of macro- and microelements in the body, which subsequently strengthens bones, fortifies muscles, improves posture and makes hair and nails healthy and beautiful.

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