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Urinary system

Healthy KidneysBacteria, viruses and various pathogenic microorganisms may cause all sorts of infectious diseases. Even the slightest infection is a hard blow primarily on kidneys that filter nearly a ton of blood and purify it from harmful contaminants, subsequently removing them from the body.

Thus, about 70-80% of bacteria get into kidneys from blood in the course of various inflammatory processes. Any failure of the urinoexcretory system may foster an inflammation.

Balanced plant complexes from Project V are designed specifically to fight various acute infectious processes mildly and efficiently, prevent their aggravation, purify kidneys and renal ducts.

Project V - N (Nutrimax)Project V — N (Nutrimax) 


Product N is a powerful antiseptic based on organic ingredients which has anti-microbial and diuretic effect. It fight different infectious processes in the genitourinary system restoring it to the full functional level.



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