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Joints and spine

Healthy JointsHuman musculo-skeletal system is a frame of the whole body, that provides for all our moves, protects us and promotes untroubled motion. Our musculo-skeletal system is under a constant strain—no wonder it gets exhausted at certain stage in life: we start feeling heaviness, constraint and pains in joints.

But now, with the help of Vision products, you are enabled to protect and retain healthy locomotor apparatus, remain flexible and sturdy at any age, and always enjoy the pleasure of free movement!

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ENT (Enjoy NT)Project V — ENT (Enjoy NT)  


COMPLEX JOINT PROTECTION. Helps regain normal physiological condition of joints, strengthens articular tissue and stimulates synthesis of the synovial fluid. Returns the mobility and flexibility of joints. It stimulates collagen production.


OS (OsteoSanum)Project V — OS (OsteoSanum)


STRONG BONES. Product for active prevention of osteoporosis. Precludes calcium deposits inside the vessels and directs calcium precisely to the bone tissue. Enhances regenerative processes, normalizes calcium metabolism. Improves the structure of the bones, increases their mineral density, makes strong teeth, hair and nails.


Project V - M (Mega)Project V — M (Mega) 


Product M is a complex of unique polyunsaturated fatty acids fractions that are necessary for the normal functioning of all organs and systems, especially the heart, blood vessels, brain, and skin. Polyunsaturated fatty acids fractions have a unique capability to improve the structure of cells and maintain their integrity. 


Project V — D (Detox) 


Highly efficient natural product for cleansing the body on the cellular level. Product D strengthens cell immunity, speeds up the disposal of harmful elements and impurities, helps to restore the protective functions of organs and systems.


Roll-on Gel Leg Refresh Roll-on Gel Leg Refresh

For legs. Roll-ons apply easily and penetrate quickly to relieve aches and pains related to sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains and bruises. It strengthens the walls of capillaries, contributes to their elasticity and tone. It improves blood circulation. Reduces stagnation of venous blood. It reduces swelling of the feet. Reduces varicose knots. It reduces fatigue. It eliminates the feeling of heaviness.


Roll-on Gel Body ReviveRoll-on Gel Body Revive

For body. Roll-ons apply easily and penetrate quickly to relieve aches and pains related to sore muscles and joints, sprains, strains and bruises. It relaxes muscles. It reduces inflammation. It reduces swelling. Improves regeneration and skin microcirculation. It has antirheumatic action.


Freedom to the Movement!

Pain in the joints:

  • of them suffer 30% of world population
  • a group of people from 40 to 70 years — a pathology of the joints in 50%
  • a group of people over age 70 — pathology of the joints in 90%

The causes of diseases of the joints:

  • age
  • a profession
  • lifestyle
  • sports overload
  • extra pounds
  • stresses

Prevention and treatment of any disease of the joints should be a balanced diet — a diet correction and the use of of biologically active supplements. Regulation of metabolism can alleviate painful symptoms, eliminate the causes of joint degeneration, and even restore the lost functions. The most effective «composition for the joint» — a complex of vitamins A, E, C, B6, D, as well as copper, selenium, and omega3. The way to make joints healthier is simple: timely consultation with a specialist, healthy lifestyle, moderate physical activities (swimming is indeed the best), proper nutrition and taking biologically active food supplements.

Youth and health of your joints is in your own hands. 

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