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Natural cosmetics Vision

Natural skin care products are the most efficient and safe way to keep your skin youthful and healthy. Unique cosmetics is developed based on the natural ingredients, which efficiency has been confirmed by clinical research and the time itself. Whereas latest innovative manufacturing technologies of purification, processing and storage allow cosmetics to preserve unharmed the whole complex of useful natural ingredients for consumers. Moreover, carefully selected formulas, due to their synergic effect, allow to multiply beneficial features of every single ingredient and enhance overall result of application of skin-care products.

M-GEL (Millenium Neo)M-GEL (Millenium Neo)

Antioxidant Face Gel

Rejuvenating, therapeutic gel antioxidant. Fabulous highly efficient anti-age remedy that rejuvenates the skin, activates microcirculation processes, nourishes and stimulates cell renewal. Smoothes wrinkles. Promotes tissue regeneration without scarring. Heals wounds and burns. The gel moisturizes the skin, improves complexion and reduces pores, making the skin visibly smooth and supple.  A natural, highly effective means formed on the basis of plant extracts. Cosmeceuticals. 


Project V cosmeticsCosmetics Project V PROMOTION

Project V cosmetics are products with a unique modern formula based on natural ingredients and complexes that have a visible positive effect on the condition of the skin, improve its structure, effectively fight wrinkles, acne and aging processes. These cosmetics provide comprehensive skin care: nutrition, hydration, antioxidant protection, restoration of firmness and elasticity.

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Sponges SkincareSponges Skincare 

Skincare cosmetics introduce Bio-Sponge made with Konjac, an extremely gentle cleanser for both face and body.

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