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  • Become a partner of the company Project V (VISION)
  • Get access to special wholesale store
  • Get a discount of up to 40%
  • Take part in the loyalty program
  • Get bonuses and pay with bonuses
  • Take part in the promotions of the month
  • Get gifts for big volume purchases

To become a partner of the company Project V (Vision) You need to register in the form below.

For registration in SESSIA  — ID Garant: 044-288318


After online registration, you will get access (ID number, password)  to special wholesale online store Project V (Vision):

The discount rate depends on the amount of products purchased over one calendar month. The amount of products is shown as CV. CV is a fixed number of points assigned to each Project V (Vision)  product.

An order amount of 47.50–94.99 CV will grant a discount of up to 20%
An order amount of 95.00–189.99 CV will grant a discount of up to 30%
An order amount of 190 CV or more will grant a discount of up to 40% — BEST DISCOUNT! 

After purchasing the product in the current month at 47,5 CV and more you will be able to buy products in any number (including 1 jar) with a discount this month.

If you place an order for 475 CV or more, you will receive a special gift—products worth 95 CV or more. C increase in the amount of the order increases the amount of gift products: for every additional 25 CV entire amount of gift products increased by 5 CV.

If your order is for the month of 600 CV and more you will get gift products for the amount of 120 CV and more. For every additional 25 CV entire amount of gift products increased by 5 CV. (Discount 50%)

Loyalty Program

The Loyalty Programme is a programme, in which continuously working partners participate and can get company products as gifts. Each partner has a special virtual account called the Loyalty Programme Account (the state of a partner’s account can be reviewed in the personal account and in the company’s online shop). Partners receive Loyalty Programme points beginning with the status of Premium Customers.

At the end of each month, Premium Customers or higher rank partners receive 5 % from their personal order CV per month (PV) into their Loyalty Programme Account. If the partner does not have any orders that month, the sum remains unchanged.

Partners can only choose a gift for the collected amount, if their order amount is 47.5CV or more or if the partner has already placed an order to the minimum sum (order amount (PV) for the month > 47.5CV). The partner can choose not to spend the prize CV and to continue to collect them. If the partner places no orders for 6 consecutive months, the Loyalty Programme prize CV is annulled.

If you do not make a purchase within 10 months — your ID number annulled.

If you need more information for cooperation vision — send your request Contact Us .

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