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Bracelets for health


Bracelets for healthHealth-promoting accessories Vision constitute an indispensable part of life of modern people who prefer to take care of their health. New accessories from Vision are created using the patented efficient formula, with unique design. Healing effect of these exquisite accessories is comprehensive, targeted at improving performance of all major systems of the human body.

PentActiv Bracelets are distinguished by their usability: you can wear them at any time and in any circumstances—at work or rest. They allow to continue living in habitual rhythm, remain active, and moreover they secure health protection thanks to contemporary advanced technologies.

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PentActiv bracelets — Unique jewelry style Wellness, combining stylish design with nanotechnology latest generation of  with a health effect. Have antibacterial, antiviral action. increase performance, prevent premature aging processes, normalize blood circulation, increase the oxygen content in the blood, reduce inflammation, relieve spasms and pain, improve sleep. Japanese technology confrontation aging, illnessnegative changes on human health.

Stylish, beautiful, healthy

Bracelets PentActiv

Bracelets for health PentActiv — Unique articles that combine stylish design and nanotechnologies of the latest generation. Innovative technologies suggest additional options to withstand age-related changes, stresses, illnesses and other adverse impacts on human health.

Thanks to the bioceramic and magnetic inserts, PentActiv Bracelets provide a health-promoting interaction of the body with five natural elements: silver ions, oxygen ions, infrared rays, germanium electrons, and magnetic waves.

All five elements that form this bracelet act in complex and enhance one another’s effect: improve overall body resistibility, boost energy, provide antibacterial and antiviral effect, improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism and blood pressure, ensure tissues’ regeneration and slow down ageing processes, simultaneously producing an anti-inflammatory effect.

Bracelets for health PentActiv  are manufactured from high-quality Japanese surgical steel and their surface is selectively coated with 23-carat goldPentActiv bracelets are offered in two versions: classical design for men and exquisite design for women. Apart from that, it is daintily executed and looks elegant. Bracelets are offered in the elegant gift package. You can adjust the size of the bracelet to your wrist. Links are removable to ensure better adjacency of a bracelet to the wrist.

PentActiv bracelets combine:

NANOSILVERTEQNANOSILVERTEQInserts with positively charged nanosilver ions that have prominent antibacterial and antiviral action. According to scientifi c data silver ions effi ciently destroy from 650 to 700 types of pathogenic microbes, viruses and fungi, whereas the best antibiotics affect only 5-10 types of bacteria.

SOLARTEQSOLARTEQBioceramic inserts that emit curative infrared waves within the range of 4-14 micron. Penetrating into the skin, infrared waves come into contact with the water molecules, thereby dilating blood vessels. Better blood circulation improves metabolism and facilitates tissue regeneration.


AEROTEQ • Bioceramic inserts that emit negatively charged ions of oxygen with the concentration of 800—1000 ions/cm3. Biologically such anions can be found, for example, near waterfalls and sea waves. Once they get into the blood flow these particles get involved in biochemical reactions. They raise serotonin level, which boosts energy and vitality. These inserts also improve mood, and stimulate mental and physical working capacity.

MAGTEQMAGTEQ • Magnetic inserts, that create static magnetic field within the range of 750-800 gauss. Inserts with magneto-therapeutic effect improve sleep quality, normalize blood pressure, prevent infl ammations, and alleviate pains in joints and muscles. Facilitate better blood flow, oxygen transmission and delivery of nutrients into cells. They make up for the lack of energy, reduce fatigue and stress consequences.


GERMATEQBioceramic inserts with germanium 200 PPM that emits conversion electrons with extremely short wavelength (10-1–10-6 nm). Germanium is able to saturate cells with oxygen, thereby stimulating cells to produce energy. It produces vasodilating, antiedemic and immune-stengthening effect, and enhances antitumoral protection. 



PentActiv bracelet is designed for those who:


Who should wear PentActiv bracelets:

  • Everybody who aspires to preserve health and prolong the active phase of life.
  • Those who live in industrially developed countries.
  • Those who suffer from the cardiovascular diseases because of stress, age-related changes or extensive emotional strains.
  • Those who lead sedentary life-style.
  • Those who smoke and drink alcohol.


PentActiv bracelets apply nanotechnologies that allow to expand capacities of the beneficial impact over the human body, strengthen health, enhance the immunity, and significantly reduce negative effects of various adverse factors.

Beneficial impact of nanosilver (NanosilverTeq inserts)

Powerful bactericidal properties of silver have already been scientifi cally confirmed back in 19th century. It was then established that silver is necessary for proper functioning of endocrine glands, brain, liver and bone tissue.

Silver has immunomodulating, as well as powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties. The most active working elements of silver are minute Ag particles. These exact particles are contained in PentActiv bracelet. 95% of particles in NanosilverTeq have the size of approximately 3-5 nanometres. That is the reason why silver ions penetrate easily through skin into the body.

Circulating in body’s vascular system they easily penetrate into viruses, bacteria and fungi, and coupling with respiratory ferment, block its ability to transfer oxygen. As the result the pathogenic microorganism dies of “suffocation”. Another advantage of silver ions is that harmful microorganisms cannot develop resistibility to them, unlike antibiotics. Silver ions’ disinfectant properties are 5 times stronger than those of chlorine, chloride lime, sodium hypochlorite and others.

Particularly pure substances are used to produce nanosilver: redistilled water with 18 MO*cm resistivity, 99,9998% pure silver. As the result nanosilver considerably surpasses its analogues by its efficiency.

Beneficial impact of far infrared spectrum (FIR) (SolarTeq inserts)

Bracelet for health PentActiv  has bioceramic inserts that emit far IR-rays with the wavelength of 4—14 micron. These bioceramic materials include various types of ceramic along with the oxides of certain chemical elements, such as silicon (SiO2), aluminium (AI2О2), etc.

Bioceramic is produced with 26 various types of ceramic substances and various kinds of oxides that are heated up to a particular temperature of about 1600 C, and cooled down afterwards. After that bioceramic is able to emit far IR-rays.

The technology of far infrared spectrum of commercial distribution was ten years ago in Japan, through the use of bioceramics — innovative technology, the American space agency (NASA) — and is now widely used in Japan, Korea and China.

When such rays penetrate into the skin they come in contact with water molecules. Appearing resonance enhances microvibration, which consequently produces warmth and increases the temperature of tissues. This subsequently promotes dilation of blood vessels, irrespective of their size, and further improves the blood supply to various organs and tissues of the body. As a result accumulated toxins are swiftly removed from the body and a better working capacity of cells is restored. Higher micro-and macro-circulation of blood in the vessels contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body.

Infrared emission contributes to:

  • improve tissue regeneration
  • improve blood circulation
  • reduction of pain
  • normalization of metabolic processes in the body

Beneficial impact of the oxygen anions (AeroTeq inserts)

Oxygen anions Oxygen anions are particles that are formed under the influence of energy on the molecules of oxygen. Anions in nature spring up near the waterfalls, they are produced by sea waves, during thunderstorms, or as a result of electrostatic charging.

Anions produce an energy-stimulating effect on the body, that can be likened to the one we feel near a waterfall, whereas positively charged ions produce a directly opposite action and tend to provoke fatigue.

Light anions possess the ultimate effect as they are very agile. About 80% of them get into the body through our skin and about 20%—with the air we breathe in. Once they get into the blood flow they enter into biochemical reactions and increase the level of serotonin that produces a calming and anti-depressant action and surges energy and vitality.


  • Car — 50 ions \ cm 3
  • House — 100 ions \ cm3
  • Office — 150 ions \ cm3
  • Countryside air — 1,500 ions \ cm3
  • Mountain Air — 2000 ions \ cm3
  • Waterfall — 3000 ions \ cm3

PentActiv bracelet has bioceramic inserts that emit negatively charged ions of oxygen with the concentration of 800—1000 ions/cm3, quite comparable to the quality of fresh countryside air.

Beneficial impact of the oxygen anions:

  • improve the overall health
  • alter the functional state of central nervous system
  • lower blood pressure
  • normalize sleep
  • improve mental and physical activity
  • increase the body’s resistance to adverse factors of the environment
  • stimulate protective forces

Beneficial impact of magnetic fields (MagTeq inserts)

Magnetic therapyMagnetic therapy is a safe method of using magnetic fields to produce a therapeutic effect on the body. It helps accelerate treatment efficacy, improves sleep quality and obviously doesn’t have any side-effects.

Magnetic therapy is widely used to alleviate the feeling of discomfort in cases of pains in joints and muscles, as well as inflammations and spasms. Clinical research has shown that static magnetic field within the range of 700-100 gauss may relieve pain significantly.

Magnetic field helps dilate capillaries’ walls. Billions of charged mineral ions, such as sodium, potassium and magnesium in blood plasma, directly migrate through the blood vessels and stimulate blood circulation.

Affected area receives more oxygen and nutrients. Alongside with that this impact ensures a pain-relieving effect. Finally when habitual electromagnetic balance is restored, pain and inflammation disappear, which consequently accelerates the recovery process.

Beneficial effects of magnetic fields on the human body:

  • Beneficial effects of magnetic fieldsimprove circulation of the brain
  • lower blood pressure
  • reduce the emotional stress
  • have a sedative effect
  • a beneficial effect on sleep
  • have analgesic and anti-action
  • improve circulation in the vessels of the extremities
  • observed liquefaction the blood and the improvement of the rheological properties
  • reduce the vascular parietal thrombus
  • is an increase in muscle working capacity
  • increase the nonspecific resistance of the organism
  • positive effect on immunegenesis
  • marked increase in the number of red blood cells and hemoglobin in the blood, as well as increased phagocytic activity of leucocytes
  • positive effect on functional recovery of traumatized peripheral nerves

Beneficial impact of germanium (GermaTeq inserts)

GermaniumFor the medical needs of the most widely used germanium first started in Japan. There is a following principle of interaction of germanium with the body: it emits conversion electrons with corpuscular properties and radiation of a small wavelength  (10-1–10-6  nm). Their energy stays within the range of 105-109 eV.

As is well-known, our wrists have many biologically active spots, associated with internal organs. At tactile contact with germanium, thanks to the penetration capability of conversion electrons, most complex biochemical processes emerge in the body, which further promote: overall invigoration of the blood circulatory system, saturation of blood cells with oxygen, and hence—their rejuvenation. Germanium also has vasodilating, antiedemic and immune-stimulating effects.

In the course of interaction of germanium semiconducting properties and magnetic therapy they enhance each other’s biological and therapeutic effect, while stimulating the lymph drainage function of tissues. Together they normalize elasticity, tone up the vessels and boost microcirculation, accelerate blood flow, increase capillaries’ width, consequently producing vasodilating, antiedemic and immune-stimulating action.

The beneficial effect of germanium on the human body:


  • contributes to the overall strengthening of the body and maintain its energy status
  • improves blood flow to all organs
  • contributes to activation of vasodilatory, anti-edematous and immunostimulating action
  • strengthens microcirculation of blood vessels, improve tissue elasticity
  • prevents premature aging processes of the body
  • provides the transport of oxygen in body tissues
  • improves the conductivity of nerve impulses
  • contributes to the correction of immune status in various diseases human
  • exhibits antitumor activity

Manufacturer: «Toyokawa (HK) Development Ltd», China, 703, Workingbond Commercial Centre, 162 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

How to use PentActiv bracelet 
  • Fasten the bracelet on the wrist. In approximately 10 minutes you will feel warmth and tingling. However in some cases it may require several hours or even days. You can wear the bracelet as often as you wish. You can adjust the size of the bracelet to your wrist.
  • The main criterion for determining the action of the bracelet — is to reduce pain, improve overall well-being (there is a positive effect of the bracelet at applying to places with pain, bruises, bruises, sprains of muscles, etc.) Effect and the duration of action bracelets are individual for each user.

Bracelets for Health PentActiv — Best gift!

Attention! N.B.
PentActiv bracelets are not intended to treat or cure any disease, but may be a supplementary therapeutic remedy. It is not advisable to use the bracelet along with cardio-stimulators, it is not recommended to people, who have undergone recent heart surgeries, and to pregnant women. Action time and efficacy level of PentActiv bracelets are individual for every user.

Recommendations for use

Bracelet PentActiv will remain in good condition subject to the following simple recommendations:

  • Do not lower the bracelet in the water!
  • Do not expose the bracelet influence of perfumes and sprays.
  • Do not expose the bracelet influence to sources of electromagnetic radiation (credit cards, computer disks, etc.)
  • To care for the bracelet enough clean it with a soft, dry cloth.

Changing the size

Standard bracelet length 21 cm. Each PentActiv bracelet has extra   parts which one can   when necessary remove. Еxtra   parts   marked by arrows. Arrows indicate the direction of removal of the connecting rods. To change the length recommend contacting the watchmaker. Additional connectors Rods there are in a box with a bracelet (under-lined).

Bracelet for health

Questions — Answers

  • On which hand is it recommended to wear the PentActiv bracelet to achieve the ultimate effect? You can wear your PentActiv bracelet on any hand.
  • Can I wear the bracelet on my ankle if I have pains in legs? Yes, you can.
  • How do I take care of the PentActiv bracelet? Just wipe it with soft dry tissue from time to time. But do not put it into the water!
  • How do I know that the PentActiv bracelet is acting? The key factor that signifies its action is reduction of painful sensations and overall improvement of health.
  • Can I wear it all the time? Of course. It doesn’t do any harm. However, you should follow the recommendations on its care.

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