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Cheviton 2 fl.

Biologically active food supplement

Vitamins for hair and nails

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Shining Hair, Beautiful Nails
Biologically active food supplement Cheviton is the building material for hair and nails, keeps them healthy.  It strengthens the nails, improves hair growth and prevents hair loss and breakage.

Natural product 

for beautiful hair 

and nails

The ingredients Cheviton provides enhanced protection and structural material for hair and nails. It efficiently protects hair follicles, reduces hair loss, activates hair growth, contributes to thickness and volume of hair. Actively nourishing hair from the inside, it procures elasticity, resilience and healthy texture of hair, making it strong and shiny. Blocking the impact of free radicals, it prevents destruction of hair due to the negative environmental factors, as well as aggressive ingredients of shampoos and hair colour. It also stops premature canities and dandruff; successfully addresses such problems as dry, sparse, splitting and dull hair, uneven hair structure, and thin, brittle, flaking nails. As a result this product guarantees thick, gorgeous, shiny hair and strong even nails.
Vitamins for hair and nailsL-CYSTINE is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is contained in keratin, which is a fundamental protein of hair. Helps improve hair and nails condition, if they become brittle and dry. Makes hair strong and smooth, and confers density to the nail bed. L-cystine can also help in cases of genetically predetermined hair loss.
DL-METHIONINE is an essential amino acid, not synthesized by our body. It forms the tissue of hair and nails, prevents their flaking and fragility, is recommended for nourishment, strengthening and growth of hair. Prevents ageing.
ZINC deals with brittle and fragile hair and activates its growth. Is effective in cases of local balding, improves nail structure and strengthens nails.
VITAMIN B5 firms hair follicles. Thanks to this vitamin, hair becomes more shiny, thick and resilient, and ceases to fall out. This vitamin is also recommended in cases of early canities.
VITAMIN B6 stops hair loss, prevents itchy feeling and dryness of the scalp, inhibits formation of dandruff. Nourishes hair follicles, stimulates their growth, fights damages of the connective tissue that surrounds hair follicles. Improves the state of nails. Helps cystine penetrate deep into the cells of hair and nails.
BIOTIN (VITAMINS B7 AND H) is just indispensable for normal growth and development of cells. Promotes the synthesis of keratin, which is a primary structural component of hair and nails. It facilitates hair and nails growth, enhances density of nail bed by 25%.
VITAMIN B12 prevents early canities, helps reduce dandruff and hair brittleness. It is particularly vital for maintaining the flow of oxygen to scalp, which directly facilitates hair growth.
  • Helps improve the skin, hair and nails.
  • Is the building material for hair and nails and regulates their growth, supports a healthy condition.
  • Provides for resilience, elasticity and healthy structure of hair, makes it look shiny, silky and healthy.
  • Slows down hair loss, which provides long-term preservation and maintenance of natural beauty.
  • Effectively fights such problems as dry, sparse, splitting and thin hair.
  • Promotes strengthening of hair structure and nail beds.
  • Prevents brittle hair and peeling nails.
  • Activates hair growth, increases its volume and thickness.
  • Actively nourishes hair and nails from the inside.
  • It is recommended to stimulate hair growth.
  • Prevents hair loss and premature canities.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • It stimulates the repair and regeneration of cells and tissues.
  • Blocks the action of free radicals.
  • Beneficial effects on the endocrine system.
  • Prevents damage to cells and tissues of the body, accelerating their recovery and renewal, normal endocrine balance, which prolongs youth.
  • Acts on the causes of negative changes, hidden deep inside.
  • It normalizes the metabolism.
  • Increases the body’s resistance to adverse environmental factors.
Target audience to take Cheviton:
  • Those who take care of their appearance.
  • Those who want to improve the structure of hair and nails.
  • Those who have faced premature canities.
  • Those who suffer from excessive hair loss and baldness.
  • Those, who have thin, brittle, dry, sparse and dull hair.
  • Those who feel the deficiency of vitamins and amino acids.


  • Cheviton food supplement contains amino acids—cystine and methionine that are vital for strengthening hair and nails. Methionine is not synthesized by our body, which means that its reserves have to be refilled from the external sources.
  • Active ingredients of the complex penetrate directly into the hair follicles, effectively reduce hair loss and activate its growth.
  • It is an ultimately complete formula with all substances, essential for beauty, growth and health of hair and nails.
  • Cheviton is a perfectly balanced food supplement that stands for a true beauty-drugstore, helps keep manicure well groomed and a hairdo—worth of admiration.
Ingredients  per 1 capsule:
  • L-cystine — 100 mg
  • DL-methionine — 100 mg
  • Zinc — 9.5 mg
  • Vitamin B5 — 5 mg
  • Vitamin B6 — 1.5 mg
  • Biotin (Vitamin H)  —  75 µg
  • Vitamin B12 — 1.5 µg

Recommended as a biologically active food supplement, an additional source of vitamins В5, В6, В12, biotin, zinc, amino acids (cystine and methionine).
Packaging 30 capsules 280 mg each. 2 fl.
Contraindications High sensitivity to the ingredients of the complex.
Recommendations for use Recommended for adults to take 1 capsule per day during meals with water. The duration of Reception — 2 months.
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature (not exceeding 250C) in a dry place out of reach of children.
Shelf life 3 years.
Manufacturer «Laboratoires Arkopharma»,  Z.I. de Carros BP 28-06511 CARROS Cedex France.

Gorgeous healthy hair is a great privilege. Unfortunately, not everybody can boast of thick, shiny and well groomed hair. Diets, health problems and stresses, even bad ecology — altogether equally exhaust both men and women. Deficiency of vitamins, amino acids and some microelements (like zinc) due to unbalanced diet adversely affects the state of hair—they become dry, dull and brittle, and begin falling out.Hair problems are for the large part accompanied by the problems with nails, because nails are formed from the same epidermis layer as hair, and consequently also lack proper nutrition.

Shampoos, hair sprays, hair colour, gels and mousses, and nail polishes—every day we use them in hopes to regain beauty, but they only aggravate condition of hair and nails, gradually make them thin and brittle.
For a full-fledged restoration of hair and nails specific vitamin complexes with carefully selected ingredients are required.

Cheviton is your enhanced protection and building material for hair and nails. Amino acids within this vitamin complex help form new epidermis’ cells and estore damaged areas of hair and nails. Cystine and methionine protect hair follicles, thus reducing hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Hair becomes smooth, dense and resilient, gain in thickness and volume. Nails get stronger and cease flaking.

Zinc is one of the key components of this complex, it also helps fight brittleness of hair and nails, and makes their structure denser. This complex’ formula is enhanced by the vitamins of the group B, that allow to maintain health of hair and restore nail plate.

Cheviton’s active ingredients protect epidermis cells from the adverse impact of environment and aggressive ingredients of various cosmetic products.

Natural product Cheviton is recommended as part of the comprehensive treatment in case of various degrees of alopecia and seborrhea. It helps prevent premature canities.

Formula of the natural product Cheviton has been developed by the laboratory of the French pharmaceutical company Arkopharma. Its quality control corresponds to the strictest European standards.



Cystine Cystine — an important amino acid that contains sulfur. Cystine is a powerful antioxidant that the liver uses to neutralize damaging free radicals.

This amino acid is required for protection against chemical toxins and to enhance thecleansing process in smokers and people exposed to chemicals or polluted air.

Cystine helps prevent cataracts and cancer, and is also used in programs for the prevention of aging. Cystine plays an important role in the daily work of the body to rebuild liver cells.


MethionineMethionine — an essential amino acid. It is a powerful anti-oxidant and a good source of sulfur, which prevents disorders of the hair, skin, and nails; assists the breakdown of fats, thus helping to prevent a buildup of fat in the liver and arteries that might obstruct blood flow to the brain, heart, and kidneys; helps to detoxify harmful agents such as lead and other heavy metals; helps diminish muscle weakness; prevents brittle hair. It is beneficial for women who take oral contraceptives because it promotes the excretion of estrogen.

Methionine helps normalize lipid metabolism, andfosfatadov prevents fatty degeneration of the liver and other damage, exhibitsanti-atherosclerotic effect. Plays an important role in the adrenal glands. A close relationship with the methionine metabolism of folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12.

Methionine affects the body’s antioxidant status, as well as important to theprocess of detoxification. Methionine helps to normalize the activity of the heart, brain, pancreas, etc. Methionine improves the skin, prevents brittle nails and hair loss. It is indicated forosteoporosis, pregnancy toxemia, rheumatic and allergic conditions. It is recommended for women who use oral contraceptives.



Zinc supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence.  It stimulates the activity of approximately 100 enzymes that promote biochemical reactions in the body. Zinc supports a healthy immune system, is needed for wound healing, helps maintain the sense of taste and smell and is needed for DNA synthesis. Zinc plays an important role in the hormonal functions in the body. It affects the production and functioning of insulin,and thus the entire spectrum of insulin-dependent processes.

In men, zinc is involved in the synthesis of testosterone and functioning of sex glands, there is a relationship between the level of zinc in the body and potency.Zinc regulates the level of metabolites of testosterone — dihydrotestosterone, which causes an excess of prostate hyperplasia. Zinc is an essential factor for the female body, as part of the structure of the receptors for estrogen, thus regulating all estrogen-dependent processes.

Zinc is vital for the functioning of the thymus and the normal state of the immune system. Zinc with vitamin A (vitamin C) prevents the formation of immune deficiencies, stimulating the synthesis of antibodies, and providing antiviral effect. Zinc has a wound-healing and yazvozazhivlyayuschim action, the processes involved in perception of taste and smell, is essential for the functioning of the central nervous system, including the processes of remembering.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 is essential for human growth, reproduction and many normal bodily Vitamin B5processes. Vitamin B5 helps metabolize nutrients, manufacture antibodies and produce vitamin D. It also stimulates the healing of wounds. Pantothenic acid is involved in a number of biological reactions, including the production of energy, the catabolism of fatty acids and amino acids, the synthesis of fatty acids, lipids, cholesterol and steroid hormones, and the production of both coenzyme A, and the cellular antioxidant glutathione.
Vitamin B5 is critical to the manufacture of red blood cells as well as sex and stress-related hormones produced in the adrenal glands (small glands that sit atop of the kidneys). Supplements are sometimes used to treat symptoms of allergy and a wide range of skin conditions.

Pantothenic acid is used in the breakdown of carbohydrates, lipids and some amino acids and is also used in the synthesis of coenzyme A. It is the most important component of coenzyme A, which assists in several metabolic pathways and is necessary for the transfer of fats to and from cells. Without it, fats could not be metabolized to energy. These processes include the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, the production of glucose in the body, the breakdown of fats and the production of cholesterol and certain hormones. Pantothenic acid plays a role in the synthesis of hemoglobin, steroid hormones, neurotransmitters, and lipids.

Vitamin B5 is important in maintaining a healthy digestive tract and it helps the body use other vitamins more effectively. Pantothenic acid may help to manage stress from psychological strain, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, and smoking and alcohol cessation. Pantothenic acid has long been known to be essential for consistent antibody production, for the production of diphtheria toxoid and hemagglutinating antibodies, and for vaccinations against tetanus, typhoid, or Asian influenza. Adding calcium-D-pantothenate to cultured human skin cells given an artificial wound increased the number of migrating skin cells and their speed of migration, effects likely to accelerate wound healing. The body converts pantothenic acid into a chemical called pantethine. When taken as a supplement, pantethine appears to lower the amount of lipids in the blood. A person with high cholesterol may see their level of total of cholesterol—including LDL («bad») cholesterol—while at the same time increasing HDL («good») cholesterol levels.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6Vitamin B6 supports more vital bodily functions than any other vitamin. Vitamin B6 is a coenzyme for several enzyme systems. Vitamin B6, used mainly in the body for the processing of amino acids, performs this task along with certain enzymes. It is vital in the metabolism of amino acids in the intestines. It allows the amino acids to be synthesized, broken down and absorbed. The forming of histamine, serotonin, dopamine and adrenaline are dependent on vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is required for the production of serotonin and helps to maintain healthy immune system functions, to protect the heart from cholesterol deposits, and to prevent kidney stone formation.

Vitamin B6 is indicated for the treatment of sideroblast anemia, neurologic disturbances, seborrhoeic dermatitis, and cheilosis. In combination with folic acid and vitamin B12, vitamin B6 lowers homocysteine levels which is an amino acid linked to heart disease and stroke, and possibly other diseases as well, such as osteoporosis, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Pyridoxine is required for the balancing of hormonal changes in women as well as assisting the immune system and the growth of new cells. Vitamin B6 may be helpful in some women with premenstrual dysphoric disorder, also known as premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and may be useful in some cases of gestational diabetes and for protection against metabolic imbalances associated with the use of some oral contraceptives. Vitamin B6 promotes iron excretion and this has been used as a rationale for treatment in iron storage diseases.

Biotin (Vitamin H)

Vitamin HThe primary role of biotin is in the metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Biotin functions as a critical component of several enzymes (where it functions as a coenzyme) involved in energy metabolism.
Biotin helps in the synthesis of fatty acids, in energy metabolism, and in the synthesis of amino acids and glucose. Biotin is also involved in making glucose, some amino acids and in energy production. Vitamin H plays a special role in enabling the body to use blood sugar (glucose), a major source of energy for body fluids.

Biotin supplements may improve thin, splitting, or brittle toe and fingernails as well as hair health. Biotin has also been used to combat alopecia (partial or complete loss of hair) in both children and adults. Biotin is typically included in most multi-vitamin supplements.

Biotin supplements are sometimes given to help reduce blood sugar in diabetic patients. People with type 2 diabetes often have low levels of biotin. The major benefit of biotin as a dietary supplement is in strengthening hair and nails. Biotin supplements may improve thin or splitting toenails or fingernails and improve hair health. Some skin disorders, such as «cradle cap,» improve with biotin supplements.

Biotin has also been used to combat premature graying of hair, though it is likely to be useful only for those with a low biotin level. Biotin has been used for people in weight loss programs to help them metabolize fat more efficiently.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12′s main functions are in the formation of red blood cells and the maintenence of a healthy nervous system.Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 is an especially important vitamin for maintaining healthy nerve cells and it aids in the production of DNA and RNA, the body’s genetic material. Cyanocobalamin works to promote normal growth and development, helps with certain types of nerve damage, and treats pernicious anemia. Vitamin B12 helps in the formation of red blood cells and in the maintenance of the central nervous system. Nerves are surrounded by an insulating fatty sheath comprised of a complex protein called myelin. B12 plays a vital role in the metabolism of fatty acids essential for the maintainence of myelin. Prolonged B12 deficiency can lead to nerve degeneration and irreversible neurological damage.

Vitamin B12 is essential for the proper production of blood platelets and red and white blood cells, the manufacture of vital substances needed for cell function, and the metabolism of nutrients necessary for cell growth. It participates in a variety of cellular reactions to release energy from carbohydrates, fats and protein. Vitamin B12 helps maintain the myelin sheath that insulates nerve fibres from each other. People with vitamin B12 deficiency show irregular destruction of the myelin sheaths, which eventually causes paralysis and death. Vitamin B12 levels decrease with age and various measures of cognitive impairment are associated with reduced B12 status. The most important use of vitamin B12 is to treat the symptoms of pernicious anemia.

Vitamin B9 (folate) and vitamin B12 are critical to the health of the nervous system and to a process that clears homocysteine from the blood. Vitamins B12, B6, and B9 (folate) work closely together to control blood levels of the amino acid homocysteine. Elevated plasma homocysteine concentrations are considered to be a risk factor for vascular disease and birth defects such as neural tube defects.

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