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The secret of health and style

Medicine tends to study the human organism from different angles. If taken as a machine, a human may be described as a complicated bioenergetic system, so to speak, an electric power station. Our organism has its own power generators (first of all the brain and the heart), conductors (nerve fibers), consumers of biocurrents (our organs), and absorbers of excessive, or ballast, electricity (acupuncture points on the skin). By the way, that’s how electroencephalograph and electrocardiograph work—receiving and recording the electric potential produced by the brain cells and the heart.

 Problems with electric wiring

Bracelets for healthBiocurrents are of great influence on our mood and health. Thanks to bioelectrical currents moving along nerve fibers, peristalsis works in gastrointestinal tract, cardiac muscle contractions occur, our muscles and joints function, providing us with moving activity. Bio-impulses, coming from the brain, regulate synthesis of proteins in the liver and production of hormones in endocrine glands, determine excreting function of the kidneys and respiration rate. 
All tissues of our body are about 95% water with salts dissolved in it. Therefore, they are excellent electrical conductors. Smooth movement of bioelectrical currents in the organism is a major condition of health, efficient functioning of the central nervous system, absence of energetic and muscle failures. But this is an ideal situation. In real life, proper movement of biocurrents in our organisms is often violated by stresses, overwork, traumas, as well as by electromagnetic waves from computers, cellular phones, microwave ovens, TVs, etc. As a result, almost all of us have some symptoms of disrupted bioelectrical currents: tension and pain in muscles and joints, discomfort, tiredness, a set of illnesses. To make things worse, nerve cells accumulate static electricity which is only partially eliminated during sleep. There are specific locations in the body to absorb the ballast, wasted electricity—these are biologically active points, or acupuncture points. By stimulating these points it is possible to get rid of excessive static electricity. 

That’s what inspired the specialists in Vision Company to develop an effective instrument to strengthen health and raise the body’s energetic potential: unique healthful bracelets PentActiv with bioceramic inserts which stimulate biologically active points on wrists and ankles. Bracelets PentActiv help to normalize bioelectrical currents in the human organism and thereby harmonize the functioning of its vital systems. 

Gimme five!

All major producers of therapy bracelets have a limit of 3-4 active inserts. But only Vision Company went further and made five (!) special bioceramic and magnet inserts into each of numerous links of a PentActiv bracelet. This way the developers managed to unite the power of five elements: silver ions, oxygen ions, germanium electrons, infrared rays and magnetic waves.

The most thorough investigation of the market of modern therapy accessories in search of a penta-component biologically active combination gives only one result—Vision’s PentActiv.

PentActiv bracelets are also unique in combining stylish design and modern nanotechnologies. The bracelets are made of Japanese surgical steel covered with 23-carat gold. It is not just a fashion that the producer turned to nanotechnologies. The reason behind is that the smaller the active particle, the stronger its influence is. 

Unique composition

Nanosilver Teq (silver colour)—inserts with positively charged nanosilver ions 3-5 nanometers in size. They exert powerful antibacterial and antivirus effect. According to scientific data, silver ions effectively eliminate 650 to 700 kinds of pathogenic microbes, viruses and fungi, while even the best of antibiotics can deal with only 5-10 kinds of bacteria.

SolarTeq (red colour)—bioceramic inserts with therapy infrared radiation. Infrared rays penetrate the skin and contact water molecules thus widening blood vessels. An intensified circulation of blood stimulates normalization of metabolism and regeneration of tissues.

AeroTeq (white colour)—bioceramic inserts radiating negavively charged oxygen ions In nature, such ions are found, for example, in waterfalls, or by the seaside. When these ions go into blood currents, they enter biochemical reactions and, raising the level of serotonin, charge us with cheerfulness and energy. They improve our mood, heighten our mental and physical efficiency.

MagTeq (black colour)—inserts with magnitotherapy effect to improve sleep, normalize pressure, to prevent inflammation and pain in joints and muscles. Help to improve blood current, facilitate transporting of oxygen and nutrients to cells. They make up for lack of energy, drive away tiredness, and mitigate consequences of stresses.

GermaTeq (blue colour)—bioceramic inserts with germanium 200 PPM, which radiates conversion electrons with extremely short wave (10-1–10-6 nm). Germanium is able to saturate cells with oxygen thus stimulating them to produce energy. It exerts vasodilatory, antiedematous and immunno-stmulating effects, strengthens antitumor protection.

PentActiv bracelet’s value is not limited to integrated therapy effect of its five active inserts. The bracelet is also a stylish and elegant item of adornment and could be a nice gift to your friends and relatives for any holiday. 

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