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Do we really need food supplements?

Do you know that more than half of all medical disorders are caused by lack of Nutrition ? If the human body could keep itself fully nutritional loaded, it would be perfectly healthy. The modern way to keep on fit and well is to support yourself with high quality dietary supplements.

Vitamins are the essential substances to our life. Do we get enough vitamins from our diet? Do we need dietary supplements at all?

Food supplements calls sometimes as vitamin supplements are one of the most popular dietary supplements people consume these days. Many of us worry that we do not get enough vitamins from our diet and go for the pills, but do we really need them?

Organic food supplements are essential nutrients to keep the good health.They can regulate body metabolism, enhance mental clarity, improve immune system, act as antioxidants to salvage free radicals and energy level, reduce stress response and prevent vitamin deficiency diseases.

In general, vitamins are abundant in fresh foods, such as fresh meat, legumes, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. People who consume a healthy and balanced diet with a wide variety of fresh foods should have adequate vitamin supply. However, in reality, many people do not consume a proper balanced diet. Improper food storage, food preparation and cooking practice can destroy some vitamins in food.

Whether we need vitamin supplements or not depends on our lifestyle. If we live a healthy life, with minimum exposure to radiation, toxic chemicals, pollution and eat a balanced diet of wide variety of fresh organic food, we may not require food supplements after all. However we are far from it. A good lifestyle is just a goal, that we try to reach, but as for now, there is no one how can sign up as a fully healthy one.

On the contrary, if you are too busy to cook for yourself or prepare a healthy balanced diet, consume refined foods more often than fresh foods, feel tired all the time, suffer from high stress level and weak immune function, food supplements may be beneficial to you.

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