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AntioxidantsAntioxidants are true “busters” of hostile cells, disturbing the redox balance of our body—free radicals. Particularly free radicals are to blame for damaging our body, causing various diseases and accelerating the ageing processes.

However, such important problem as restoration and fortification of the antioxidant defence of every single cell finds its solution with the assistance of Vision. Powerful antioxidant properties of the Vision products allow to neutralize huge amounts of free radicals, prevent a whole range of diseases, as well as degeneration processes, and even help extend youth and beauty!

Project V — LV (LiveLon)


LV is a unique complex of natural antioxidants that fight aging and can even turn back the years. Youth, health, radiance of the skin — all this is LV. The complex provides powerful protection against the harmful effects of free radicals. The LV product launches the antioxidant mechanisms at the cellular level, and therefore counteracts the effects of aging, regulates the functioning of the heart, strengthens capillaries and vascular walls, and helps fight stress and fatigue.

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Project V — А (Antiox)Project V — А (Antiox)


Product A is a unique complex with a set of the most efficient antioxidants that protects the cells of your body from the harmful effects of free radicals that attack your body almost every second. Antioxidant complex creates a powerful barrier against viruses, negative effects of radiation, UV-rays and atmospheric pollution.


Project V — BY (Beauty)Project V — BY (Beauty)


Helps to keep your skin young, prevents premature aging changes. Increases the elasticity and skin density and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, smoothes wrinkles.  It improves the condition of nails, strengthens the surface layer of the hair. Protects cells from the damaging effects of free radicals and internal stress, thereby slowing the aging process of the skin. Prevents cardiovascular diseases.



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