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BAFS Revien


Biologically active food supplement 

Fights chronic fatigue syndrome

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Biologically active food supplement  eliminate feelings of anxiety, fear, it has a calming and relaxing effect in stressful situations, and insomnia, increases the body’s ability to resist thenervous strain.

Perfectly balanced, Revien complex can help regain strength, stabilize emotional state and overcome anxieties. Ingredients of the complex contribute to maintaining the balance of “excitation-inhibition” processes in the nervous system, which allows to work and rest to the full extent. Normalizes performance of the nervous system, mitigates apathy and irritability. This complex invigorates the whole body, significantly improves mood, elevates activeness without provoking sleep disorders. Precludes nervous and physical exhaustion, inherent in people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

The Revien biologically active food supplement help to stabilize one’s emotional state, to lower anxiety and tension, and to enhance work fitness and mental activity. Natural Supplement Revien enhances the body’s ability to resist nervous tension and works as a tranquilizer against stress and sleeplessness.

Hop cones normalize sleep, produce a calming, pain relieving, antiinflammatory, antibacterial effect.
Ginseng is a highly effective energy booster and a bracing remedy. It facilitates adaptive functions’ improvement, enhances physical and mental performance, reduces fatigability, improves blood circulation in  the brain and provides for its enrichment with oxygen.
Black Horehound is used as a calming remedy against insomnia, neurosis, dyspepsic disorders (nausea, vomiting).
Zinc is essential for the normal body growth and development, as well as sexual maturation. It supports reproductive functions and normalizes the immune system.
Seleniun is a powerful immune-stimulant and carcinostatic agent, providing for a wide spectrum of effects on our health.
Iron transfers oxygen to the brain cells and blood vessel glands.

The main directions of the regulatory action organic supplement:

  • Overall strengthening
  • Antistress
  • Adaptogenic
  • Toning
  • Immunomodulatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Spasmolytic
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Analgesic
  • Increased potency
  • Antianemic


  • Eliminate the anxiety, fear. Helps fight melancholic states, despondency, irritability.
  • It has a calming and relaxing effect in stressful situations, and insomnia.
  • It has anti-stress effect.
  • Helps combat apathy, depressions and anxieties.
  • Boosts inner energy, significantly improves mood and enhances vitality, helping to avoid sleep disorders.
  • Alleviates nervous tension and improves working capacities.
  • Increases the body’s ability to resist the nervous strain.
  • Prevents nervous and physical exhaustion.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Recommended for conditions characterized by low mood, depression, apathy, fatigue,suppress nausea and vomiting.
  • Promotes physical and mental work, reduce fatigue, improve blood supply to the brain and provide it with oxygen.
  • Increases stamina and has a bracing effect.
  • Effective after infectious diseases.
  • Used to prevent and treat viral hepatitis, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and anemia.
  • It strengthens the cardiovascular system.
  • It stimulates sexual activity and increases potency.
  • It is used for rheumatism, joint and muscle pains.
  • Helps normalize sleep.
  • It has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, has a diuretic effect.
  • It improves digestion.
Target audience to take Revien:
  • Everybody to prevent chronic fatigue syndrome, especially in the autumn-winter season, intrinsic to development of this state;
  • Those who experience chronic fatigue and feel the lack of energy and vitality;
  • Those who feel anxiety, apathy and irritation;
  • Those with weakened immunity and nervous system after prolonged illnesses;
  • Those who work or study hard and often travel on business.


  • Balances “excitation-inhibition” processes of the nervous system, which allows to work and rest to the full extent.
  • Complex Revien is balanced so that its ingredients help relieve tension and simultaneously improve mental capabilities and supply the body with the required amount of energy.

  Ingredients Each capsule contains:

  • Hop cones — 70 mg
  • Ginseng root — 50 mg
  • Black horehound flowering tops — 50 mg
  • Zinc — 5.75 mg
  • Selenium — 20 µg
  • Iron — 2.4 mg 

Recommended as a biologically active food supplement, an additional source of zinc, iron, selenium, as well as the source of panaxosides.
Packaging 60 capsules of 250 mg each.
Contraindications Hypersensitivity of the components of dietary supplements, irritability, insomnia, high blood pressure, cardiac dysrhythmia, marked atherosclerosis. Pregnant and lactating women.
Recommendations for use Recommended for adults to take 1 capsule twice per day during meals with water.
Storage conditions Keep at room temperature (not exceeding 250C) in a dry place out of reach of children.
Shelf life 3 years.
Manufacturer «Laboratoires Arkopharma»,  Z.I. de Carros BP 28-06511 CARROS Cedex France. 

At least once in a lifetime everyone must have seen a calm, patient, well-tempered person fall into an unexpected rage, slam the doors, argue with the boss or relatives. Sooner or later it can happen to all those who are used to keeping their worries inside without letting the steam out. A stress that is kept deep inside is like a ticking bomb. Scientists see smiling depression as most dangerous, and not without reason. In an attempt not to complicate others’ lives, one ignores the warning signals of the body—pays no attention to the loss of appetite, weakened immunity, constant apathy, insomnia, low self-esteem; smiles and jokes through tears. Nevertheless, at some point all annoyance, old grudges, lack of sleep and rest, as well as stresses, will be manifested by a severe nervous system disorder. Later, as a result, it will be followed by nervous breakdowns, depression, inability to work. In order to avoid that, one needs regular preventive measures and careful, yet effective fortification of the nervous system.

In order to strengthen the nervous system and ensure real, rather than superficial calmness, traditional medicine has used such plants as hop cones and black horehound. Whereas “the root of life”—Ginseng—has always been considered the best adaptogen that boosts energy and stamina. The Revien food supplement has combined all these plant components with the microelements, vital for the nervous and immune systems: zinc, selenium and iron. The Revien food supplement is  highly recommended to increase working capacitiy for the types of work requiring significant physical, mental or emotional strain, as well as to overcome apathy and depression, enhance immunity and stamina.

This product has been developed by the scientists of the French pharmaceutical company Arkopharma that applies unique innovative manufacturing technologies, including cryogrinding technology. Its quality control corresponds to the highest European standards. The Revien food supplement—being a powerful preventive remedy—is recommended particularly to those who lead an active life, to white-collar workers, residents of big cities, as well as those in preretirement age or older, suffering from nervous system diseases.


Ginseng (Panax ginseng CA Mey) 

GinsengThe roots of the plants are the main raw material, they contain a range of biologically active substances: vitamins C, B1, B2, alkaloids, essential oils, sterols, fatty acids, pectin, minerals (plant concentrates silver).

A classic and highly adaptogenic tonic, restorative remedy. Ginseng enhances nonspecific resistance of the organism and its adaptive capacity. Ginseng stimulates the utilization of carbohydrates and lipids, increased synthesis of adenosine triphosphate. Promotes physical and mental performance, reduce fatigue, improve blood supply to the brain and its structures to ensure oxygen.

It improves the blood picture in cases of anemia. It stimulates sexual activity and increases potency. Effective with the asthenic and astenodepressivnyh state after infectious diseases. Increases resistance to adverse effects, physical and mental overload stress. Positive effect on the activity of the heart, increases the amplitude and reduces the heart rate. It has immunomodulatory effects of viral hepatitis and other infectious diseases, hypoglycemic — diabetes, cholesterol-lowering — the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.

Black horehound (Ballota nigra L.) 

Black horehound Raw horehound (flowers) contains glycosides, bioflavonoids, essential oils, diterpenoids(balotenol, ballotinon) and others. Horehound has sedative, tranquilizing, antiemetic,astringent, antispasmodic, antiarrhythmic, diuretic, antiseptic, wound-healing effect.

It is used as a sedative for insomnia, nervous excitement, painful periods, nausea, vomiting, dyspepsia in the nervous system, in the treatment of hysteria, and some otherdiseases. At the same time it is used for rheumatism, joint and muscle pains.

Hops (Humulus lupulus L.)

HopsThe essential oil of hops helps normalize sleep, has a calming, soothing, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic action, has a diuretic effect, improves digestion, strengthens the cardiovascular system.

Hops are used in the neuroses (especially in menopause), insomnia, neurasthenia, gastritis, and as a means of reducing a painful irritation of the bladder with cystitis. It has a tonic and soporific properties. According to its antiseptic properties of salicylic acid is stronger.

Can be used as a remedy for excessive sexual excitability, as a means of strengtheningthe cardiovascular system, particularly the weakness of the myocardium and increasesas the appetite and improves digestion remedy.


SeleniumSelenium is a synergist of vitamin E and promotes its antioxidant activity. Selenium deficiency leads to weakening of the antioxidant status, anticarcinogenic protection, causes myocardial, impaired sexual function, immune deficiency.

As well as selenium exhibits antimutagenic, antiteratogenny, radioprotector effect, stimulates the antitoxic protection, normalizes exchange of nucleic acids and proteins, improves fertility, normalizes exchange of eicosanoid, regulates the function of the thyroid gland and pancreas. In view of the above applies to selenium geroprotectors.

Selenium has many functions, is extremely important for normal functioning of the internal organs, protein synthesis, defense against toxic substances entering the human body. This trace mineral is extremely necessary to maintain male reproductive function of the body, has a significant effect on the eyes, skin conditions, is involved in metabolism.

Selenium increases our resistance to adverse environmental conditions, viruses, thus protecting us from various diseases. Selenium is required for heart muscle and blood vessels.



Zinc supports normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence.  It stimulates the activity of approximately 100 enzymes that promote biochemical reactions in the body. Zinc supports a healthy immune system, is needed for wound healing, helps maintain the sense of taste and smell and is needed for DNA synthesis. Zinc plays an important role in the hormonal functions in the body. It affects the production and functioning of insulin,and thus the entire spectrum of insulin-dependent processes.

In men, zinc is involved in the synthesis of testosterone and functioning of sex glands, there is a relationship between the level of zinc in the body and potency.Zinc regulates the level of metabolites of testosterone — dihydrotestosterone, which causes an excess of prostate hyperplasia. Zinc is an essential factor for the female body, as part of the structure of the receptors for estrogen, thus regulating all estrogen-dependent processes.

Zinc is vital for the functioning of the thymus and the normal state of the immune system. Zinc with vitamin A (vitamin C) prevents the formation of immune deficiencies, stimulating the synthesis of antibodies, and providing antiviral effect. Zinc has a wound-healing and yazvozazhivlyayuschim action, the processes involved in perception of taste and smell, is essential for the functioning of the central nervous system, including the processes of remembering.



Iron is a trace mineral found in the hemoglobin molecule of red blood cells, the part of the blood that carries oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. It is also found in myoglobin, the form of hemoglobin found in muscle tissue. Iron works with several enzymes required for energy production and protein metabolism.

The most obvious form of manifestation of iron deficiency — iron deficiency anemia, in which serious violations may be lurking in the body (chronic blood loss with internal bleeding). As a rule, reduction in hemoglobin in the blood of the diagnosis — anemia. By the end of pregnancy iron-deficiency anemia occurs in 30-73% of women. Iron deficiency anemia is often the first year of life of children. Iron deficiency in children can slow the mental and physical development, causing a distortion of appetite.

Most doctors recommend that pregnant women take a supplement containing iron since the increased demand for iron can rarely be met through diet alone during pregnancy. Many women’s vitamin formulas include iron, which can be useful for menstruating women. After menopause, most women do not need extra iron.

Iron is an essential component of proteins involved in oxygen transport. It is also essential for the regulation of cell growth and differentiation. A deficiency of iron limits oxygen delivery to cells, resulting in fatigue, poor work performance, and decreased immunity.

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