Manufacturing of the Vision Products «

Manufacturing of the Vision Products

Vision maintains total control and supervision over the process of creation of its products—from developing formulas and searching for ingredients to the manufacturing process, packaging, storage and delivery of the end products.

All Vision products are manufactured only at the Company’s own plants that comply with the strictest QC requirements, like location in the ecologically safe area, well-qualified employees, as well as the certification of the plant as per the exact list of standards. One of the main requirements to the manufacture is obtaining the GMP certificate (Good Manufacturing Practice).

GMP certificate includes the set of standards and regulations for manufacturing pharmaceutical products and some types of food. GMP standards allow to provide for the correspondence of the product quality to the given parameters.

GMP certificate confirms that the products have been manufactured in strict compliance with the announced formula; in conditions, excluding permeation of extraneous substances inside the products; and packaged as required, which guarantees that all the products’ properties shall be preserved within the shelf-life. The standards account for the slightest details, like materials and equipment, and type of overall, used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and even the humidity level at the plant.

That’s why GMP is a guarantee of high quality and safety of the manufactured products. All plants which manufacture Vision products have been GMP certified, without exception. Apart from that, these plants have obtained many other essential certificates, as an additional proof of the ultimate quality of the goods produced.


NutripharmaThis state-of-the-art factory is located in Ireland, one of the world’s ecologically purest regions. It was established 14 years ago together by Vision and  Arkopharma, one of Europe’s major pharmaceutical company.

At Nutripharma, biologically active food supplements are produced by means of a unique technology, known as cryo-grinding. It consists in grinding plant components in an inert nitrogen environment under a temperature of -196° C, which allows to preserve the life-giving power of herbs.

ArkopharmaManufacturing process at this plant, as well as its end products (from the floor in production sections and the amount of microorganisms per 1 m3 of air to the employees’ overalls and marking of the products’ packaging)—are absolutely flawless and fully comply with the GMP standard.

Švenčionių Vaistažolės

Švenčionių VaistažolėsSome Vision products are manufactured by the Lithuanian company Švencioniu Vaistažoles, established in the 19th century. For over 125 years this factory has been specializing in production of herbal teas.

company Švencioniu VaistažolesCurrently all production facilities of the factory have been renovated, and its research laboratory allows developing truly unique product formulas. The factory is located in the town Švencioniu, 80 km from Vilnius, in the picturesque, ecologically safe national park Aukštaitija, often referred to as the «Lithuanian Switzerland».

Products of Švencioniu Vaistažoles have been awarded the prestigious European Golden Prize for Quality. The factory also holds the PE Ekoagros environmental certificate, as well as the HACCP and GMP certificates for food products’ safety and quality.

DEM4 Laboratory

Environmentally Perfect and Highly Efficient

DEM4 laboratoryThe concept of social and environmental accountability is an integral part of the Health ideology on which the Vision business is based. The Company is sure that any progress attained to the detriment of environment, natural resources or the human health is in fact a regress. No business, in the opinion of Vision, can be considered ethical and, moreover, socially accountable, if it causes damage to nature or humans.

The logical result of following the social and environmental accountability concept was the establishment in 2009 of DEM4 virtual laboratory. In this case, the word «virtual» should be seen as inflicting no damage on the environment or human beings.

Innovative Technologies in Health Care

DEM4 laboratory is engaged in research, development and manufacture of products for sustaining the healthy lifestyle.

The main objective of the laboratory is to assure the high quality of life. DEM4 moves along to attaining that objective with its innovative approach, clear specialization attitude and flawless quality of its products developed with participation of skilled experts.

DEM4 laboratory is achieveing the set objective by improving business relations, among other things, and concluding partnership agreements in developing formulas, logistics and marketing support.

In «building» DEM4 not a single millimeter of greenery has been destroyed. Not a single milliwatt of energy is used for its upkeep. Its operations have never produced a single milligram of waste. With all this, the contribution of DEM4 laboratory to establishing a healthy society and to managing the life quality is real and significant.

In this case, «laboratory» means exactly what the Latin word laboro signified — to work. The enterprise is not burdened with any superstructural functions and bureaucracy and it fulfills its clearly defined set of tasks with an amazingly high performance factor.

The absolutely unique science-based work organization and interaction of departments allow DEM4 laboratory to be mobile in making decisions, rapid in implementing them, ethically irreproachable and highly profitable.

The main treasure of the laboratory are its super-professional researchers, production specialists, managers and market experts. All of them, while working for research establishments and manufacturing companies of America, Europe, Asia, at the same time have the status of residents in DEM4.

The DEM4 laboratory work is headed by Dmitry Buriak, Vision President. The necessary requirement for acceptance as a resident is having efficient personal groundwork helping in improving the life quality and forming a healthy society. And, of course, a resident’s clear commitment to the Whole Health Option philosophy goes without saying.

DEM4 means Direct Effect Management. As applied to developing products it assumes the full control and support for the production process starting with developing a formula and up to the pattern of promoting the product for consumers. 

How Our Products Are Developed

Scientific base

  • when developing each formula we carefully and thoroughly study properties of every ingredient;
  • we cooperate with universities and international scientific organizations in Europe, America and Asia;
  • among our researchers there are specialists in quite different trades working in diverse fields of science depending on the product intended purpose;
  • product formulas of the flawless quality are compiled according to European standards and scientifically sound clinical practice;
  • there is a qualitative difference from market analogues;
  • our teams of specialists compile relevant directories of ingredients that include information on technological production solutions, purifying materials and making chemical analyses.

Research base

  • we pay a lot of attention to developing the research and technological base focusing on solidifying backbone research methods and fundamental technologies as well as on searching for innovative solutions in enhancing the product assimilability and their bioavailability;
  • raw materials and products are tested not only in the Laboratory but in various research centers, universities and other scientific organizations;
  • we get quality raw materials from the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and other countries;
  • clinical tests are done in analytical chemical and microbiological laboratories for the purpose of ensuring the top efficiency of the final product and making sure that its ingredients enhance the effect of one another while the capsule shell gets completely dissolved in the human body;
  • in addition, in the course of testing we prove that the product quality is as high as possible.

Production base

  • we provide completely for the production and supply process. Our obligation to our partners is: compliance with all requirements as for reliability, profitability and the high quality of the biopharmaceutical products. All our products have international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificates;
  • the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system is used in production;
  • DEM4 laboratory thoroughly complies with all requirements of national laws nd with strict norms of the European directives;
  • DEM4 laboratory undertakes internal and external audits;
  • the laboratory production premises are equipped in accordance with most strict requirements of quality control;
  • all minute particles of heavy metals are detected by using the inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer;
  • quality is controlled by double raw material examination and thorough analysis of the final product;
  • necessary documents are prepared for the registration package of each product.

Six main sections and departments can be singled out in the DEM4 laboratory structure:

  • Monitoring service for advanced scientific developments;
  • Interaction center for resident researchers and for research consolidation;
  • Licensing and registration section that also deals with protecting intellectual property rights;
  • Service for strategic infiltration and production communications;
  • Quality control and compliance department;
  • Marketing agency.

The overall mission of DEM4 laboratory is quite specific: defining most rapidly and exactly essential needs of a modern human being and offering optimal, socially and environmentally sound ways of meeting them.

This is accomplished by efficient consolidation of efforts by high-class specialists, professional teams and production concerns meeting strict requirements of the Vision standard, the concept of social and environmental accountability.

DEM4 laboratory is also an advanced economic model that makes it possible to invest funds in production and in scientific research most efficiently.

Our Values

Creative approach and efficiency. Our team of professionals works in the atmosphere of constant motivation for innovative and creative solutions. Out products are, first of all, customer-oriented. DEM4 laboratory endeavors to attain optimal results while retaining the absolute efficiency of the work process and reasonable time saving.

Productivity and flexibility. We are always a step ahead thanks to the accumulated knowledge and skills, efficiency and originality of our formulas. DEM4 laboratory endeavors to be the first in everything: from sales volumes up to market needs research. Fast work pace is attained by an accelerated formula development process, precisely refined procedure for submitting documents for registration and the streamlined production.

Partnership and trust. DEM4 laboratory is geared to developing trust-based partner relations with business partners as well as with suppliers and other parties we have contacts with, since trust-based partner relations in business are an essential condition and guarantee of success and of fulfilling our main mission.

Our Partners

Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, “Saulėtekio slėnis” (Sunrise Valley) Research Center, State Medicine Control Agency of Lithuania, State Food and Veterinary Service of Lithuania, State Public Health Service under the Ministry of Health of Lithuania, BioCare Company, Copenhagen, Aconitum JSC, Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania, Lithuanian Research Center for Agriculture and Forestry, Martin Bauer Group, DOMACO Dr. med. Aufdermaur AG (a pharmaceutical company), Eurofins Scientific Company.

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