Advanced technologies «

Advanced technologies

Advanced technologies - СryogringingIn the production of dietary supplements Vision uses an innovative unique technology cryogenic vacuum crushing — «cryogringing», allowing to keep all the useful properties of plant components, not killing life-giving power of herbs.

«Сryogringing» — grinding of raw materials in low-temperature environment at -196 degrees in an atmosphere of inert gas nitrogen.

CRYO Cryogrinding Technology -196 C — the use in the product manufacture of the cryogrinding technology – grinding the source materials in the low temperature environment in the inert nitrogen gas atmosphere. The technology is used in the production of the Vision bioactive food supplements and allows to retain beneficial properties of the plant components without destroying the life-giving force of herbs.

The unique patented technology provides:

  • unsurpassed level of conservation of the biological activity of plant components 95-98%;
  • preservation of the natural relationships of biologically active substances;
  • opportunity to combine in one capsule herbal ingredients that can not be combined with other technologies;
  • plant cells remain alive and keep their power, so Biologically active food supplement Vision created by the laws of synergetics: the components are mutually reinforce each other’s action, which is several times increases the effect of the product as a whole.

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