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Project V is a company using the highest quality raw materials and the latest achievements in science. For its products, the company selects the best plants from different parts of the world — from Europe to South America — known for thousands of years as healing and medicinal.

To create the vitamins and nutritional supplements of the Project V line, an investment was made in a French company for the production of dietary supplements and cosmetics, founded in 1996. Today it has become a leader in the production of dietary supplements not only in the French, but also in the European market — its products are appreciated all over the world and are gaining popularity all over the world.

сryogrinding technologyIn the production of dietary supplements, the latest technologies: CRYOGRINDING TECHNOLOGY and gentle extraction are used, which allow you to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients in the finished product. All Project V products are manufactured according to international standards and are strictly certified.

In 2017, VISION INTERNATIONAL PEOPLE GROUP merged with Freedom International Group Limited under a single brand FREEDOM GROUP. It is the third brand in the FREEDOM GROUP brand portfolio, along with BING HAN and COFFEECELL.

FREEDOM GROUPThe merger creates a new generation company in the direct selling industry, with a focus on high information technology and huge competitive advantages in all business processes.

FREEDOM GROUP is an investment and management company that specializes in creating its own exclusive brands of health products and combining with existing successful projects.

FREEDOM GROUP uses a unique mobile CRM application Sessia, which has no analogues in the world, as an intelligent assistant for its partners.




We invested money in French company that was founded back in 1996. During the time of its operation, this company has become a market leader for food supplements and cosmetics production not only in France, but also in Europe, now its products are being sold world wide. Each new development reflects the idea of the company founders: offer best products for improving health and quality of life. Cutting-edge technologies are used in the production, saving all the healthy properties of the ingredients.

  • FOUNDED IN 1996


In addition to its head office, which is located in Strasbourg, Trading Point has 3 other production sites:

— for dry products — 4000 m2
— for liquid products — 3500 m2
— for cosmetic products — 2300 m2


Trading Point has been on the market for over 23 years. Shortly after founding, it entered the Top-10 French pharmaceutical companies thanks to using cutting-edge technologies.


Trading Point is not just a company with «full cycle of development». The best scientists create its formulas, and the best experts deal with production, quality control and logistics.


Biologically active dietary supplements offered by the Project V (Vision) Company are the products of the highly technological processing of natural vegetable raw materials. In addition to an optimal vitamin and mineral complex, they also contain phytocomponents. These components are the biologically active substances of well-known medicinal plants. All ingredients that make up Project V (Vision) Biologically Active Food Supplements are exclusively of natural phytogenic origin, which makes them valuable and active for everyone. The scientifically tested composition of Biologically Active Food Supplements is selected thoroughly and accurately, so that every consumer’s individual needs are properly met and a harmoniously balanced and optimized diet is ensured. 

Good Manufacturing PracticeProject V (Vision) bioactive supplements are produced under conditions that fully conform to GMP standards.  In addition, all Project V (Vision) products undergo repeated laboratory and clinical tests before they are made available to consumers. At the same time, they are guaranteed to be safe for anybody using them daily in the recommended dosages. Project V (Vision) maintains total control and supervision over the process of creation of its products—from developing formulas and searching for ingredients to the manufacturing process, packaging, storage and delivery of the end products.

GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice standards are the rules worked out in the U.S.A. in 1963 for producing pharmaceuticals. In accordance with them, every producer of pharmaceuticals has to ensure that the following conditions are met: high quality source materials, usage of modern know-how, availability of well-planned buildings and high-technology equipment, and highly qualified production personnel. GMP certificate includes the set of standards and regulations for manufacturing pharmaceutical products and some types of food. GMP standards allow to provide for the correspondence of the product quality to the given parameters.  GMP certificate confirms that the products have been manufactured in strict compliance with the announced formula; in conditions, excluding permeation of extraneous substances inside the products; and packaged as required, which guarantees that all the products’ properties shall be preserved within the shelf-life. The standards account for the slightest details, like materials and equipment, and type of overall, used in the pharmaceutical manufacturing process and even the humidity level at the plant. 

That’s why GMP is a guarantee of high quality and safety of the manufactured products. All plants which manufacture Project V (Vision) products have been GMP certified, without exception. Apart from that, these plants have obtained many other essential certificates, as an additional proof of the ultimate quality of the goods produced. 

Action products Project V (Vision):

  • Support the good health and give vitality
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Promotes longevity
  • Cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances
  • Increases stability to stress and the resistance of the organism
  • Protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals
  • Clean, protect and nourish the cells-organism
  • Compensate for the deficiency of vitamins macro-and micronutrients
  • Increase the immunity


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