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THE BEST VITAMINS FOR YOUR FAMILY!Wellness — Health, Youth, Beauty! Only the Best, only from Europe!

You can find on this site:

  • To view the products for health and longevity of the Company’s Vision
  • Order products in the official online store of Vision
  • Know lots of useful information about your health

You will receive:

  • Reliable delivery of goods in different countries
  • Direct delivery from the manufacturer
  • Quality guarantee
  • Consulting support

The official online store of the company Vision works through the software SESSIA

Sessia VisionOnline stores Sessia Vision:

  • VISION — EUROPE — price in EURO.
  • VISION — EUROPE (OTHER COUNTRIES) — price in EURO (excluding VAT).
  • Vision — Russia (Russia, Byelorussia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Kazakhstan) — price in RUB.
  • Vision — Ukraine — price in UAH.
  • Vision — Saint Petersburg — prices in RUB.
  • Vision — Novosibirsk — prices in RUB.
  • Vision — Khabarovsk — prices in RUB.
  • Vision — Cpbija (Serbia) — prices in RSD.
  • Other online stores Vision (settings in Sessia)

If you do not see your store, click the button from the top SETUP and update the information or find your country in these stores (the information is constantly updated). Some functions of the software Sessia are paid. Function of the Online Store is FREE.

For registration in Sessia Vision  — ID Garant (Sponsor): 044-288318


Specificity of product Vision:

  • 100% natural component (organic, botanicals)
  • Corresponds to the official standards
  • Produced by high technology (unique technology — cryogringing)
  • Produced to the highest standards of quality in the world (standard GMP)
  • Unique recipe (based on herbs)
  • Can’t be overdose
  • Balanced composition and easy to use
  • No side effects
  • It is completely safe for you and your child
  • Provides a tangible and stable results
  • Cooperation with the World Health Organization
Action Products VISION:

  • Support the good health and give vitality
  • Slow down the aging process
  • Promotes longevity
  • Cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances
  • Increases stability to stress and the resistance of the organism
  • Protect the body from the damaging effects of free radicals
  • Clean, protect and nourish the cells-organism
  • Compensate for the deficiency of vitamins macro-and micronutrients
  • Increase the immunity

Do we really need food supplements?





French cosmetics Skincare

Сosmetics Skincare 

The new line of anti-aging cosmetics. Surprising results without injections, plastic surgery. Innovative ingredients with demonstrative anti-aging effect. Plant stem cells PhytoCellTec ™ nunatak®. Unique nanotechnology — Ultradense® high-tech. Epidermal growth factor (EGF) and bio-peptides. Developed in conjunction with Hermes in Grasse, the French capital of perfumery.


CardioDrive For cardiovascular system


Biologically active food supplement

Super product for cardiovascular system CardioDrive contains maximum amount of purified natural substances. Optimises cardiac muscle work. Thins the blood and improves blood circulation. Normalises blood pressure. Regulates heart rhythm.



Roll-on Gel Body Revive

Roll-on Gel Body Revive  

Analgesic gel

Natural products are the new generation of gel Roll-on Body Revive Gel and Roll-on Leg Refresh help relieve pain and reduce fatigue in muscles and joints. Reduce swelling and heaviness in the legs. Analgesic Roll-on gel is easy to apply and quickly penetrates to the point of pain and inflammation, that can occur in tired muscles and joints, at stretchings and bruises.


Bracelets for Health PentActiv

Bracelets PentActiv

Bracelets  for Health

PentActiv bracelets — Unique jewelry style Wellness, combining stylish design with nanotechnology latest generation of  with a health effect. Have antibacterial, antiviral action. Increase performance, prevent premature aging processes, normalize blood circulation, increase the oxygen content in the blood, reduce inflammation, relieve spasms and pain, improve sleep.



Bio-Drink New

Dietary supplement beverage

Bio-drink is a synthesis of the best from tea and dietary supplements. One-of-a-kind healthy drink in the market. Great nutritional benefits paired with natural herb remedies from nature. Is a synthesis of the best from tea and dietary supplement properties.


Granatin Q10

Granatin Q10

Biologically active food supplement

Strengthens blood vessels, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Prevention of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis. Deactivates free radicals. Promotes the renewal and regeneration of body cells. Has powerful antioxidant properties. Slows down the aging process.


VIP-Ultrasonic Electronic device for rejuvenation

VIP-Ultrasonic New

Electronic device for rejuvenation

Gently exfoliates away dead skin cells. Cleanses away toxins. Increases cell metabolism. Enhances skin care product performance. Diminishes wrinkles and fine lines. Stimulates blood circulation. Deeply cleanses pores.


LiveLon’+ Anti-Aging

LiveLon’+ Anti-Aging Effect

Biologically active food supplement

Natural complex facilitates rejuvenation of the whole body and skin in particular. The balanced formula contains 10 ultimate antioxidants with a cascade action. Neutralizes free radicals. Slows down the aging process. Facilitates natural rejuvenation of the body and facial skin. It prevents the destruction of collagen and elastin. Preserves skin elasticity.


Chocolight Smart Food

Chocolight Smart Food  New

Scientists, cardiologists and chocolate craftsmen have created an exceptional product — Chocolight for your health and delight. Vitamins, amino acids, micronutrients and plant extracts were all combined in a dark chocolate. This chocolate dietary supplement is a rich and delicious addition to your diet for your daily consumption and healthy lifestyle.


 Smart Food

D4X  Smart Food

D4X Get Active, Get Young, Get Smart, Get Detox detoxifies your body and nourishes it with irreplaceable substances. D4X products have been created with the help of nanotechnologies based on organic, ecologically safe ingredients. All of them are enhanced with the superfood ingredients Spirulina, Acai berry, Matcha and Manuka 20+ honey and natural extracts that help you get through your daily routine or the toughest tasks.


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